An Analysis: Scene 1 Of A 'New Millennium'

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Scene 1 of a “New Millennium” The elevator collapsed. A sense of silence rose upon the workers of the company. Their next move was indecisive due to the noise being heard outside of the elevator. As time passed by, twenty minutes later, the elevator slowly opened. The glistening of the new era was astonishing. The world they once knew was now something totally overwhelming. It was definitely the beginning of a new millennium; a new millennium where no one was safe due to everything being unnoticeable. As the workers began to explore their surroundings, the unfamiliar atmosphere and the peculiar sight of things, left the outsiders in a state of shock. How will the workers react to the sense of a whole new era? Not alone, leaving behind family members and the life they once knew. Everything the workers were equipped for was demolished in the blink of an eye. This was an unusual matter because no one knew it would come down to this. They were just trapped in the elevator and now the thought of restarting their whole life was now in discussion. The workers knew they had to take matter into their own hands as quickly as possible. But first, exploring what was in front of them was a great idea.

Scene 2 of a “New Millennium” The workers acknowledged the new way of life. The new world was filled with flying cars, escalator sidewalks, and the flowers covering the sidewalk were even made of chrome. The question that was suffocating the workers mind was, “how could this be”? They had gone from being trapped in an elevator to witnessing something incredibly amazing. How they were going to adjust, no one knew. As the walkers began to walk the sidewalks, they were suddenly approached by a robotic dog. Unknowingly robotic dogs were considered the best on the market. They were very intelligent and highly sensible machines. The workers: Fred, Beverly, and Christian knew the dog was their ticket out of the mess they were in. Their only problem was how they were going to communicate with the machine. Fred first began speaking to the dog saying, “We are not accustomed to this as the townspeople are. Will you please help us?” The god continued to stare at them, wagging his tail, a sign that the words just spoken were not understandable. Next, Beverly tried sign language. As she used the different hand gestures, the robotic dog instantly began to bark. Beverly was afraid because she didn’t know if she should continue on or stop were she was. After using a couple more hand gestures, suddenly, the robotic dog began to talk to the workers. It implied that it was not from here either. There was a sense of disbelief in the expression of the dog, because it was just like the workers; wanting to return to their regular lifestyle.

Scene 3 of a “New Millennium” The first objective of the workers returning home was completed. They had the mindset of returning both themselves and the dog back home. All they needed now was a plan. Fred, Beverly, and Christian thought for a minute, but nothing came to mind. Anything was possible, but the way technology shifted scared them. Fred insisted that they fix the elevator, and hopefully, it return them back home. That seem to be a great idea, but would it work? And how would the others get the tools required to complete the task at hand? The workers began to ask around for the nearest tool shop. As they received the tools with little money they had, they began repairing the elevator. The robotic dog carried along the little tasks to make the sure the mission was easier for the others.

Scene 4 of a “New Millennium”

Everything was slowly coming along. The elevator was being repaired and there was happiness upon everyone. The thought of returning home was near. To this point, there weren’t any problems with fixing the elevator since the workers had experience in this area. Later that day, everyone thought they should take advantage of the new world they have