An Analysis of Organizational Culture Essay

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Running head: An Analysis of Organizational Culture

An Analysis of Organizational Culture

Abstract The following is an observation and analysis of the role an organization’s values play on the development and state of its culture. This analysis is based on five interviews of both male and female workers from a privately owned manufacturing company with annual revenues exceeding a billion dollars. In forming my conclusions, I will analyze the synthesis of data and draw from the classification and examples set forth in the “Workplace Culture and Socialization section of Volti’s “An Introduction to the Sociology of Work and Occupations” Volti (2008) as well as the National Defense University’s
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The same group of individuals has led this company for the past twenty-five years and because of their impending departure, I expect the subjects interviewed to feel uncertainty and an absence of communication around goals. Additionally I am expecting a strong reference to people and family values as core elements of culture due to the company’s status as a family-owned business and a history of lengthy employment by its workforce. I also expect that there will be evidence of high job satisfaction to establish a core component of employee motivation to remain with the company for long periods.


For my research, I interviewed five individuals from different departments within the organization. They were both male and female with tenures ranging from two to thirteen years. In addressing my hypothesis regarding cultural employee motivation for lengthy employment, I observed that four out of the five had held more than one position with the company. Each subject felt that the company fostered an atmosphere of growth of potential. They felt that they were not limited to the same position on an indefinite basis and one subject had held as many as seven different positions in thirteen years. When asked what was valued about the organization and what kept them there, in all subjects relationships proved to be a strong theme. There