An Analysis of Superdry’ Working Environments and the Future Prospects for the Company Essay

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An Analysis of
Superdry’ Working Environments and the Future Prospects for the Company

Executive Summary
This report discussess the working environment of Superdry and then offers an analysis of the future prospective for the company.
Firstly introduce the background of Superdry include establishment, products, performance and so on. Then Porter’s five forces framework is applied to analyse the competitive environment which are suppliers, customers, competitors and so on. Next Porter’s PESTEL analysis is used to discuss the external environments which Superdry operates in. It focuses on the key factors which can greatly influence the company. Finally, explore the why Superdry can get a great success as well as the future
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From this discern that, for the Superdry, each one of the designers aims at perfection in every one product. 3. Porter’s five forces analysis
Porter’s five forces framework is a simple but powerful tool for effectively analyze an enterprise works in which competitive environment. It is helpful to understand the profitability within the industry, in which it competes or may choose to compete (Ireland et al., 2011), as well as the current strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threatens of a firm in the industry. At the same time, the tool also helps in using this information to guide making the strategic decisions.
Five Forces Analysis of Superdry

3.1 Threat of new entrants
New entrants bring new capacity and new resource to the industry, but at the same time, they will hope win a place in the market which has been carved up by the existing enterprise. (Kushida & Zysman, 2009).
In the process of competition in an industry, companies try to improve the barriers to entry to counter potential entrants. From 2003 to now, the scale of Superdry has grown and developed and the market shares continue to increase in the clothing retail. The unique and fashion style attract a large number of loyal consumers. So far, Superdry has over 385,000 sq.ft. of