Essay about An Analysis of the Key Factors That Influence the Levels of Motivation of Staff a Case Study of Allied Associates & Co

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Research and Analysis Report

An analysis of the key factors that influence the levels of motivation of staff
A case study of Allied Associates & Co


Everestus King

ACCA Student Reg. No.: 1316312

September, 2008

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Part 1 – Project objectives and overall approach
1.0 Introduction
1.1 Overview of Employees motivation
1.2 The Reasons for choosing the topic
1.3 Aims and objectives of the report
1.4 Research Approach

Part 2 –
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My other reasons of choosing the topic are:

▪ I want to relate the topic to my current job, ▪ Easy access to the organization of my choice i.e. BBc, ▪ Availability of records and internal magazines for research, ▪ Access to the Partners and other staff, ▪ To assist me in learning a better way of relating with staff etc.

3. Aims and objectives of the report

Objectives is something you are trying to achieve (Oxford Advanced Dictionary, 2005) while objective as defined by wikipedia “is a goal, a planned or intended outcome.

Well-motivated people have high energy levels and an excited internal dialogue that unmotivated people don’t (Robson, 2007).

Talking about money as a Motivator, “all workers are motivated primarily by the need for money, so if you want to get the most out of your workforce, you pay them more”.

From the foregoing, the Aims and objectives of this Research and Analysis Report amongst others are:

▪ To demonstrate that the Employees of Allied Associates & Co (BBc) are motivated by Money (salary levels); and

▪ That salary levels is the key