Are The Chinese Domestic Vehicle Producer's Strategies Good Enough To Be Implanted In Another Country?

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“An anonymous Chinese official from the general office of China's public security ministry has told Boxun News, a citizen journalism site sourced by anonymous users, that the recent attacks against Japanese imported vehicles during anti-Japanese demonstrations in China was actually a business strategy launched by domestic vehicle producers.
Even though the rioters who destroyed the Japanese vehicles were not arrested, they were secretly monitored by police, according to the official. These Chinese "patriots" apparently had some connection with the domestic mobile vehicle industry. The purpose of those domestic enterprise was to scare Chinese customers away from purchasing Japanese cars.
Not all photos of Japanese vehicles being attacked by Chinese rioters were taken during the anti-Japanese demonstrations in the past week, according to the official. Nonetheless, he said that those photos, when posted on the internet, might very well make buyers think twice about the brand of car they choose. It will only benefit other vehicle enterprises instead of the nation.”
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1. Are the Chinese domestic vehicle producer’s strategies good enough to be implanted in another country?
With this few arguments is very difficult to determine if the strategies used by the Chinese are good enough to be implemented in another country. What is true is that the automotive industry in China represents an extraordinary case of industry development. In recent years, China has become the world’s fastest growing automotive producer despite the global economic situation. the domestic Chinese auto industry has made substantial progress. Many independent domestic automotive manufacturers have emerged and have ambitions to make cars for developed countries.