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Ruins have held for a long time a unique position in the visual, emotional, and literary imagery of man. They have fascinated artists, poets, scholars, and sight seers alike. Devastated by time or willful destruction, incomplete as they are, they represent a combination of man-made forms and of organic nature. Thus the emotional impact of ruins is ambiguous: we cannot say whether they belong aesthetically in the realm of art or the realm of nature. They have successfully sparked a light in Madame Kelly Hill heart and given her hope for a new start after losing her husband.
Madame Kelly Hill is a new art collector and I have recommended for purchase three paintings of ruins of the circle of famous artists as Giovanni Pannini and Francesco Guardi. Both artists where huge names in their time and in that venduta sphere. The painting recommended are Capricci with Classical Ruins: a pair of paintings by a follower of Francesco Guardi and Roman Ruins with Classical figures by a follower of Giovanni Paolo Pannini.
Giovanni Pannini followers like pannini himself approaches the concept of ruin painting from a starkly romantic point of view, emphasized by the oscillating play of light and shadow and by the carefully calculated incompleteness of each architectural element, to clearly delineated almost archeological vistas of ruins. In the Roman Ruins with Classical figures unlike the Ancient Roman Monuments by Giovanni Pannini, the architecture is stressed as the main topic and the emotions play a subtle role. Here poetic imagination is confined to an entirely fictitious topography as the artist tries to display as a many famous monuments as possible.
Francesco Guardi’s ruins serve merely as a decorative background for his playful scenes. His ruins are imaginary neglecting completely any architectural, archeological but retaining those elemental emotional values. One thing has to be clarified and that is what exactly is the emotional value derived from this painting. I would say that even though painting are of ruin and show signs of the aftermath of some form of violence and destruction there also is that glimpse of hope for a new start. Hope that lies in and defines the romantic nature of those paintings. Hope that life would be ok even for Madame Kelly Hill after losing her husband. How much Are these paintings worth? An original Guardi painting was just sold at Sotheby’s in London for 26.7 million dollars. Showing how expensive their works are. Giving that these painting I selected are not Guardi or Pannini original we are going to get them at a steal price. The painting still have the elemental values