An Effective Leader. Essay

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An Effective Leader Many leaders of America are very effective and popular in a way. In some or very many leaders are qualities and those qualities can be strengths or weaknesses. Popularity shouldn’t be a character trait because popularity does not get you to be a successful leader. The meaning of popular is being liked, admired, or enjoyed by many people or by a particular person or group. Not all leaders have to be liked or admired or neither enjoyed. Leaders are chosen to make good decisions, lead, organize, and last but not least to be effective just like our presidents. One of the utmost important character traits that a leader has to have is to be effective. Nobody is going to vote for that person who can’t lead or be effective. One of the character traits on how to be an effective leader is to listen what other have to say because if you don’t then how are you going to know what they want or what you have to do. Second you have to have empathy, understand and empathize with others. Also, you have to be aware of your surroundings because if you don’t then you won’t know what to change or what to do. Persuasion, be good at persuading people and making decisions within an organization or group. Conceptualization, the ability to look at a problem or an organization from a conceptualizing perspective means that one must think beyond day-to-day realities. These character traits of being an effective leader are by no means exhaustive. However, they do serve to