An Effective Plan Essay

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February 23 2013
Turk Ciftcikara
An Effective Plan Now in today’s times our outer image seems to be more important than our inner image. But, what happens when our outer and inner image is not so healthy? We find ourselves looking for a quick fix. Most of the time, these quick fixes can be more harmful than helpful to our bodies. Does an intense exercise plan become more helpful then the diet, when it comes to fighting against obesity. What if exercising was more of a quick fix, than a low calorie diet, or diet pills and weight loss surgeries. There are thousands of weight loss remedies out there, but just about every one of them requires you to exercise for the diet to work. So, can you lose weight, by just exercising? Sure if your workout is intense, and you work out every day. Your body will burn off those calories, but if you are not working out every day and you are eating what every, you want than your body will just store the fat and you will continue to gain weight. Obesity is sometimes labeled as a disease, and the causes of it are said that people, who suffer from obesity, are known to eat too much and exercise too little. But is that always the problem. People become overweight for many reasons like depression and poor eating habits, so a quick fix with just diet pills and surgery would not be a good to answer the help these people with their problem. The most important problem America facing is obesity; the top medical condition it causes is type 2 diabetes, hypertension, heart attacks and high cholesterol. It also causes skin condition if your body is being stretch beyond its means. Since there is a high rate of obesity their more programs out that are willing to help people that are obese to get on a healthy diet plan. This might be a more effective plan than just a quick fix diet or weight loss surgery, because they will learn how to eat and exercise to stay healthy, as well get the