An Empirical study on Singapore Airlines Essay

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Title: An Empirical study on Singapore Airlines
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Introduction 3
Question 1 3
SIA Market Segmentation. 3
1) Demographics 4
2) Geographic 4
3) Psychographic 4
4) Behavioural 5
Question 2 5
SIA adaptability towards their promotional strategy in relation to targeting different adopter categories. 5
1) Innovators 5
2) Early Adopters 6
3) Early Majority 6
4) Late Majority 7
5) Laggards 7
Question 3 8
Marketing research approaches in relation to the launch of SIA’s new marketing communication campaign. 8
Secondary Market Research 9
Primary Market Research 9
1) Surveys 9
2) Focus Groups 10
3) Personal Interviews 10
4) Observation 10
5) Experiment/Trials 10
Question 4 11
SIA maintaining customer loyalty in the face of intense international competition. 11
1) Interacting with customers 11
2) Designing loyalty schemes 11
3) Personalizing Marketing 12
4) Generating Institutional Ties 12
Conclusion 12
SIA – A Great Way to Fly. 12
Bibliography 13
Appendix: 15

The national airline of Singapore; The Singapore Airlines Limited (SIA) was established in 1972 functioning through key routes worldwide and since its inauguration the SIA has constructed and accumulated a resilient and durable legacy in the industry of aviation through the means of efficient marketing contributed through innovation and welfare and also SIA’s positively persistent lucrativeness notwithstanding the constant rise in fuel prices, the ever enduring strain and hassle in the worldwide financial markets, and the growth in market competition (Loizos Th Heracleous, 26 Jul 2008).
It can be considered that SIA has been more than able to assemble a viable economical advantage utilising efficient marketing approaches and adopting schemes that distinguish them from other airlines strictly established on the foundation of a superior customer service dedicated both to the in-flight and the non-in-flight aspects of business of SIA. This report will evaluate how marketing undertakings have and can be utilised in the near future by SIA to endure its accomplishment in the ever constant and raging global market.
Question 1
SIA Market Segmentation.
Market segmentation can be considered as the assembling of customers and characterizing the customers in an applicable modus to certify that the service or product is designed and directed towards the desired customers. The goal of market segmentation is to decide strategies and accurate marketing goals by considering the customer trends and their buying behaviours. And after the market has been segmented considering the customers, SIA can commence all or a few of their segmentations provided from their diverse deals targeted towards each segments through niche marketing which generates and sustains significance targeted towards the aimed segments (Atul Parvatiyar, 2001).
Illustrations has been provided where SIA has utilised the categories of segmentations towards each of the overall bases for segmentation which has been demonstrated below.
The market segmentation of SIA will offer us with valuable information on pursuing market segments and identifying gaps or enticing segments that could be linked in contradiction to SIA’s corporate strengths. And subsequently after SIA has acknowledged and designated to its target market, the ensuing phase of SIA will be to resolve on how it desires to locate itself within the designated market segment.
Market Segmentation based on SIA:
1) Demographics – This segmentation deals with the market segmentation based on customer factual features which is directed at customer’s gender, income, age and etc. SIA can be develop from this particular segmentation of market by observing them based on other main market segments variables utilising several methodologies to attains a comprehensive