Naming Techniques Used In The End Of The Poem

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WWW embedded, short quotes naming techniques linking effects of two different elements/quotes analysis, using ‘this suggests’, ‘this implies’
make sure you always have evidence if you say a technique is major, prove it: more than one example The author uses words like
“walk with kings.
” this metaphor creates a the idea of prestigious value this child could hold one day. it’s gives the reader the impression that the father see’s a great future for his child if he abides by the rules. The author also portrays the needing for balance in a persons life, saying
“but none too much” which implies the child should be weary of his whereabouts in society and not draw himself closer to one side while leaving his space on another vacant.
This suggests that if the child is to find a balance it will help him to become a figure of great importance and trustworthiness. Capitalising the
near the end of the poem suggests the importance of becoming a man.
It also leaves an emphasis on the fact that becoming a man will grant the boy great fortune and happiness which will allow him to enter the world with a better chance of surviving till the end, not turning into one of those mischievous, ‘ traitors ’.
Additionally it adds a sense of justified righteousness to the poem, that God will be pleased with what the boy will become and will most definitely view him as a worthy contender for a place in heaven. EVIDENCE??