An Essay About Youth Sports

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Most people in society today think that sports are great for children in the fact that it keeps them healthy, confident, and gives them valuable life lessons such as how to set goals or how to deal with adversity. Then again there is always a group that doesn’t see the good in sports; they argue that it causes injuries, stress, or even anger in some cases. I believe that the reason people are so negative about youth sports today is because of the ever rising controversy of concussions. I personally know a handful of friends that have had more than two or three concussions that have been contemplating giving up sports just for that reason. If concussions are a normal occurrence for a young athlete they are bound to deal with permanent damage to their brain and possibly death. Sports as a whole in my mind have too many good qualities that out-weigh the negative qualities. Personally; sports have given me a great sense of how to work with a team, …show more content…
These five things not only benefit a young athlete while he is in competition, but as he/she goes through life. Sports as a whole have greatly shaped me into the person I am today and I wouldn’t want to change it at all. Sports have gave me a great boost in life as they have shown me how to work for everything you want and not wait for what you want to come to you. Sports have also given me the greatest group of friends I could ask for as I know that they will be around if I ever need anything. Some may argue that children should not be involved in sports because of the brain injuries that come with it, but I think that the overall risk for brain injury is slim when an athlete is put into the proper situation with the proper equipment. In closing youth sports are necessities in today’s world as it keeps kids active, off the streets and learning the right ways to approach