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Money Matters



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$ Money Matters Assignment $
Main Objective: By the end of this assignment I will be able to understand how economic decisions impact on people, communities and nations.
How can I achieve my objective: 1. By identifying and describing economic decisions. 2. By identifying and describing the impact of economic decisions 3. By developing an understanding about the consequences of trade for producers and consumers. Context- The fashion industry
Where do my clothes come from? * You are to choose 1 item from your favourite outfit and investigate its supply chain. The Supply Chain means starting with unprocessed raw materials and ending with the final customer using the finished goods, the supply chain links all producers, companies, manufacturers and customers together. * Work through this booklet and collect information to answer the main questions at the top of the pages. * All answers have to be in your own words. You will be able to achieve your objective!

How to gather information * This will be an interesting assignment but it will be one that needs you to seek out relevant information. It won’t be there for you to pick up easily and so you will need to modify your searches and perhaps get in contact with companies! * Go to the library and look for general books on fashion. * Keep a look out for articles in magazines and in newspapers * Key websites: * Wikipedia gives a great overview of the company from where your garment was purchased. From there you can get further details. Do they have other companies? If they do you can search them? * You could then search the company itself- you are looking for its headquarters and if possible where there other production places are. * On the company page- they normally have a contact us or an about us section. This can be useful. * You tube might also have clips for you.

Other suggestions – - This is the just jeans company How to present the information * You can use this booklet, create a power point or use a google site. * I want you to use illustrations, maps, opinions of people involved in the industry etc

Discovery Box One: Insert a picture of your garments. Where did you purchase your garments and how much were they?

* Discovery Box 2:- Details about the company that made your garments (location,employees and how much they get paid,where production takes place, any issues that have happened or if they have a policy on their clothing manufacture)

* Discovery Box 3:- Details about the labels in your garments. What is the product made of and where is it manufactured?

* Discovery Box 4:- Details about the country that has made your garments. What are the laws regarding employment there? What is the minimum wage in that country? Have there been any employment issues there?

* Discovery Box 5:- How important is fashion to us?

* Discovery Box 6:- Ethical fashion- what is