An Essay on Jamba Juice

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Our product is Jamba Juice and our target country is Spain. We chose this product because it has grown to become one of the nation’s best-known smoothie chains, emphasizing the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and because the company is looking for international expansion opportunities. We chose Spain as our target country for expansion of our product due to its current economic status and economic growth forecasts for the future. This combination provides the firm with an opportunity to offer our product to a growing economy and marketplace.

Company Background and History
Jamba Juice takes its name from the African word jama, which means ‘to celebrate’. It was the creation of Kirk Perron, an avid cyclist and graduate of
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The landscape in Spain varies from the temperate but arid coastline to green and fertile inland. Madrid, the centrally located capital of Spain, experiences warm and dry summers and cool winters. For the most part, the climate and our product should fit hand and hand. As for culture, there is a mixture of different cultures and languages spread across the different Spanish regions. It is almost as if the country is separated into different regions through a basis of what the dominant culture consists of.

Education System
The educational system in Spain seems to be mainly operated by the Catholic Church. Around 70% of Spain’s students attend public schools and/or universities while the rest of them attend private schools.
Compulsory education begins with general basic education for ages 6-14 and it is free in public schools and in many private schools, most of which receive government subsidies.
Following graduation, students attend a secondary school offering a type of high school diploma and or a school of professional education, usually corresponding to grades 9-12 in the United States, and offering a vocational training program.
The Spanish university system offers degree and post-graduate programs, which are very similar to universities in the US. These degrees are offered in fields such as law, sciences, humanities, and medicine, and the superior technical schools offer programs in engineering and