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Music connects people and they don’t even realize it. Saturday at the Washington State Fair stomachs are filled of fair food, feet sore from the vast amounts of walking and voices cracked from screaming in either fear or excitement. Though as the sun sets, none of that matters when Joan Jett arrives. Talking tappers off as the lights on the stage dim. People gather and sore feet and weak voices are forgotten as people stand when they hear the click and buzz of an amp turn on and when that first chord is played voices ring out and talking becomes impossible, sight is blinded as the lights turn back on. But if you show up early enough you might just meet some interesting people and hear their stories. In this case you might meet an odd pair with an amazingly cliché yet heartwarming story.
At this event you could get upgraded seating for twenty five or VIP for forty but with how loud the music was it didn’t matter to if you sat close or far away. Besides the most interesting people might just be where you don’t expect it. Get there early and you might meet some hardcore fans or crazy groupies but it all seems pretty chill on the outside. Having to weave your way through, finding your seat and waiting for the concert to start happens to be only part of the plan. A couple probably in their late twenties or early thirties could be spotted standing together in the middle of the crowd of waiting fans. The guy is tall and muscular with tattoos, intimidating with his arms crossed. The woman was short with shoulder length black hair and all smiles; it was obvious she was excited. Her striking green eyes seemed to smile with her. In hind sight they seem some of the more sane people compared to the crazy looking guy with the neon blue mow hawk. Their names are John and Rose Carter but she likes to be called Rosie. They live in Seattle and came here for the concert and to visit family.
What brought them to this concert? You might be expecting an obvious answer like, “We like her music.” Or “Just something to do that seemed fun.” What you would actually hear is nothing what you might imagine as Rosie smiles even wider, if possible, and bluntly stated, “Love.” That was it, just one word. So now your thinking, “Okay they love Joan Jett.” Once again, wrong. When asked why, this time John would speak up in a rough voice. “We met at one of her concerts when we were in college.”
Rosie’s smiles became infectious at this point and you’ll smile when listening to their wonderfully cliché story of Boy meets girl but with a twist of Rock. You’ll hear of how