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An event that greatly changed my life was when my dad bought his restaurant, which he currently owns now. Just let me tell you now it's not all glamorous and cool as everyone makes it. Its hard work! Not all restaurants are successful and especially at this time. Right now is the worst time to own a restaurant since food is just too expensive. My dad owning a restaurant changed my life because it was a totally new environment and everything I knew and did changed. The time I woke up, where I spend most of my days, the jobs my parents had, and the income they would earn. My dad used to be a construction man; he worked for himself. My mom was a stay at home mom who sometimes cleaned houses while we kids were at school. We were doing really well! They had enough money saved for us to live off of for the next 4yrs, our house was finally getting fixed and the repairs it's needed, and all the bills were caught up. Next thing you know all the money was gone. My dad bought a restaurant! He went behind all of our back. He spent every penny we had! The moment my mom found out she knew it wouldn’t work. Since, my dad had been in the restaurant business before but they sold it after my brother was born. Don’t get me wrong it was successful but it just tore our family apart, it was one of those never again events or at least we thought. She was so mad and disappointed, that moment she lost all the trust she had in my dad. The next day my parents went to work to their new job. While us kids had to wake up at 5:00 a.m! A time we never heard or dreamed about! It was some adjustment. Now after 3 ½ years of doing it I'm still not use to it. It's not easy. Anyway every morning we go to my aunt's house so she can take us to school and it works out since my sisters bus comes at 8:15 and my brother goes to school with my cousins at 7:45 and I have to be at my bus stop by 7:09. During my mom first day working the waitress from the previous owners told my mom the last owners were in debt and buying the restaurant was the biggest mistake they could have made. It was so slow and they barely got anybody who comes downtown to just eat. Plus, the competition of downtown Rockford is very tough. It was too late though. My dad had spent every penny into a business that was already a