An Exploration of a Needs Orientated Approach to Care Planning Essay

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An exploration of a needs orientated approach to care planning

The purpose of this assignment is to explore a needs orientated approach to care planning, through the use of a problem solving approach to care, and a nursing model. It aims to show an understanding of what both a problem solving approach to care, and a nursing model are; and to establish how various key elements of both are implemented in practice. The following citation by the Department of Health (DH) (2009) identifies what is intended by the process of care planning; Personalised care planning is essentially about addressing an individual’s full range of needs, taking into account their health, personal, social, economic, educational, mental
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RLT portrayed their understanding of a holistic approach through the use of the 12 Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s); as they believe a patient is best understood in terms of how they carry out the ADL’s (Holland et al, 2003).

The 12 actvities (AL) of daily living act as a framework in the assessment process by providing a means of categorising the information in a systematic format (ppt presentation). Barrett et al (2009, p.45) clarifies; Each activity represents a particular type of behaviour that all of us carry out on a day to day basis, whilst interacting with each other and our environment.

The idea surrounding the ADL’s was derived from the Human Hierarchy of Needs developed by psychologist Abraham Maslow in (), by offering a representation of the common elements of everyday living that ensure human survival, and also quality of life (Barrett et al, 2009/pearson??).

Despite the main focus of RLT’s model been holism, it has been extensively criticised in meeting the holistic needs of patients in the past, as practitioners have used the ADL’s in a checklist format (Barrett et al, 2009) even though the use of the ADL’s has been stressed to be used in a broad format, to enable a comprehensive assessment to be sought effectively. This could potentially cause further complications…. It is for this reason as to why the proficient skill of assessment is fundamental before becoming a