An Hour of Changing Emotions Essay

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English 102, Research Assignment 2
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An Hour of Changing Emotions "Emotions in "A Story of an Hour" is a peer reviewed article by Selina S. Jamil. This article talks about how Mrs. Mallard feels in "The Story of an Hour" by Kate Chopin. This article gives the reader a deeper insight on how Mrs. Mallard feels and also what she feels like after she finds out about her husbands death in that train accident. The author of this article basically says that Mrs. Mallard does not portray the normal emotions and thoughts of a newly widowed woman. Jamil states that women in the ninetenth-century; around the time in which this story was written that the woman was expected to depend on the man entirely. That the woman in a marriage was treated more like a slave. Mrs. Mallard felt as though her husband had control over her and she felt trapped like she has lost herself in her marriage. So when she storms away to her room she starts feeling all kinds of emotions. She feels like a force was taking over her for which she could not control and that force was happiness. Freedom, individuality and her own sense of will starts to form and all she can think about is the happy days ahead. She looks out her window and everything that the Chopin describes in the story symbolizes a happy life to come. She sees spring flowers, the blue sky and birds flying which means new growth and freedom. Being at the height of her happiness at this point and feeling stronger than ever Jamil states that when Mrs. Mallard sees her husband at the end of the stairs that she sees her old life, a life of "patriarcal culture" and now that Mrs. Mallard tranformed into Louise, she realizes that going bak is