Essay about An Informational Interview with a Financing Company

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An Informational Interview with A Financing Company
The AsiaLink-Kalaw

A Partial Fulfillment of Requirements in
Banking and Financial Institutions

Prepared for:
Prof. Ragraciel Manalo

Submitted on:
March 9, 2012

Prepared by:
Bandiola, Penuel Kerith
Bautista, Anthony John
Ramirez, Allysa Marie
Tondo, Elma

I.THE ASIALINK A group of enterprising executives belonging to various industries saw the opportunity to venture in the booming consumer financing business. Combining their strengths, Robert B. Jordan handled credit; Ruben Y. Lugtu Jr. labored on the financials while the late Wilfredo T. Anastacio took care of the human resources and operations. With the good demand and sound credit, the
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ted) * Basic Documentary Requirements | ALLOTTEE LOANRequirements * Marriage Contract, if married * Copy of Allottment Slip * Proof of Remittance (at least Php25,000.00) * Copy of Latest Contract of Employment | APPLIANCE LOANFOR EMPLOYED * 1 month latest payslip * Company ID * Valid ID (gov't issued) * Updated electric/wataer billFOR BUSINESS OWNER * Business Permit (Mayor or Barangay permit) * Latest bank statement (if applicable) * 2 valid ID (gov't issued) * Updated electric/wataer billFOR SEAMAN ALLOTEE/OFW BENEFICIARY * Latest remittance receipt or bank statement * 2 valid ID (gov't issued) * Valid ID (gov't issued) * Updated electric/wataer bill | CART FRANCHISING LOANQualifications * Cart Business is in operation for 1 yearDocumentary requirements * Business Franchise Agreement * Lease of Contract (if applicable) * Business permit * Latest Bank Statement (savings or checking) * Basic Documentary Requirements | CHECK REDISCOUNTINGQualifications * With PDCs issued by top 5,000 corporation in the Philippines * With BusinessDocumentary requirements * Documented Source of Income * Latest Bank Statement or Recent 2 months Credit Card Billing Statement * List of clients * Basic Documentary Requirements * Proof of income | | PENSIONER'S LOAN * SSS ID * Additional Government issued ID * Bank Statement (at least 3 months) * ATM card * Barangay clearance * Proof of other income (if applicable)