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‘An Inspector Calls’ begins with the Birling family celebrating Sheila’s engagement to Gerald Croft, Mr. Birling’s friend’s son. In the beginning of the play we know that the light should be “pink and intimate until the arrival of the Inspector” This shows that something bad can or will happen to the Birling family when the Inspector will arrive. We also find that the light change suggests the start of a serious investigation which will make all the truth come out. The inspector’s arrival is very sudden to the family; the reason why the inspector came is because of “some trouble about a warrant”. Mr. Birling doesn’t see why the Inspector should come to them; he doesn’t see what this has to do with him and his family. The inspector tells how Eva Smith was a part of Mr. Birling’s business. Mr. Birling explains to the inspector his involvement with Eva Smith and that she worked for him and asked for a pay rise and was fired from her job just for that reason about two years ago. Priestley wants to teach us about the Socialists and capitalists, Mr. Birling being a capitalist only cares about him and his family, we find out this when Sheila recognizes the picture of Eva Smith and runs outside from that room, Mr. Birling says “Why the hell do you want to upset a child like that?” This shows us that Mr. Birling only cares about his family and not even a bit about Eva Smith and that she might have committed suicide because of him or members of his family. Not if that can get his business down, because that is the second most important aspect in his life. Also Mr. Birling describes the Titanic “unsinkable, absolutely unsinkable” and yet we all know that it did sink. The Titanic can be a metaphor for the family, not only his family but all the wealthy families and the Inspector is the iceberg, the reason why the family will sink. The inspector is exactly the opposite of Mr. Birling, he feels empathy for Eva Smith’s death, he keeps reminding us that she died in “agony” He wants us to constantly focus our attention on the way she died “burnet her inside out” that painful slow death and yet Mr. Birling still doesn’t care. He just doesn’t want his business to crash because of this. Mr. Birling believes that rich people should stay rich and poor people should stay poor.
After the questioning of Mr. Birling the inspector moves to his next target; Sheila who is shown as an innocent girl but we find out that it was Sheila that got Eva Smith fired from her second job because of her jealousy over her just because Eva Smith was prettier. After revealing her involvement she believes that it was her that made Eva Smith commit suicide, she starts to blame herself but the inspector tells her that it wasn’t her that made her suicide. The inspector treats Sheila like an adult in contrast with Mr. Birling which treats her like a child. This can be because he wants to protect his daughter and not get her involved in this ‘police inspector situation’. Sheila still gets involved even if her father doesn’t agree and she is quite different, she is the only one from the family that actually wants to talk to the inspector and find out more about what happened to Eva Smith and what made her end her life that horrible way. At the end of act one, we find that Gerald recognizes the name Daisy Renton, there’s some kind of weird reaction when the inspector tells them about Eva Smith and that she used different names. Before the closing of the first act we see Sheila questioning Gerald how he knows Eva Smith. From this moment of the play we see that Sheila is growing up from the child status to an adult. She starts to cut through the lines just like the inspector. Gerald explains her that he knows Eva Smith from last summer. We see the irony when Sheila says “I don’t believe I will” very serious to Gerald and also she hands him back the ring which shows that she now thinks like an adult and takes her time to think before taking important decisions that can change