An Interesting Place Essay

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Alanis De Beauville
April 1, 2015
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An Interesting Place
Full of various attractions, Busch Gardens is a great place for any thrill-seeker, as well as children of all ages. Busch Gardens, always a fun but time consuming amusement park. Fun with all the shows, thrills, and adrenaline rushes. Time consuming with the traveling traffic, long lines, and an extreme amount of people. The name may confuse most because no one would think Busch Gardens would be the name of an amusement park. The park is very unique; the rides and attractions are surrounded by wildlife such as elephants, cheetahs, giraffes, and etc. The park is also well-known for their roller coasters with most holding records for the quickest speeds and longest rides. Although the park is filled with hundreds of people at a time, the experience is one to be remembered for years and years to come. I always enjoy visiting Busch Gardens, because it has many fun rides, there is interesting art work all over the park, and I am able to have amazing animal encounters. Busch Gardens has 22 rides, 17 of them are roller coasters. One of the popular roller coasters is the Sheikra! It is the first drop roller coaster made in America. This roller coaster is for adults and children that are over 5 feet, but there are rides that are both thrilling and are made for the whole family to enjoy. Another ride is the Phoenix, which is a boat ride that uses its own weight to rock the ride back and forth 360 degrees. Another Roller coaster is the Cheetah Hunt, which uses a magnet to launch the train up to 70 m.p.h. If you want to cool off on a hot summer day, go ride the Congo River Rapids. It sends you down a river that has many rapids and no one gets Lucky-everyone gets wet! Also, Busch Gardens has many more water rides.

Busch Gardens has an abundance of artwork throughout the park. There is a carved rock that looks like a kangaroo near a walk way called Australia’s Walkabout Way. At the entrance of the Montu they have a huge wall with a…