An Interpretation of The Paradox of Progress Essay

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In the article "The Paradox of Progress" from the text book, emphasizes that we depend on technology, but we also worry about modern technology. This progress is keeping up with paradox at the same time. The article has points and counterpoints. There are three points: save time, increase life choices, and provide us control the world around us. For example, a consumer may choose many brands of cookies in a local supermarket. That means technology improves our life choices, but too many choices allow people to spend more time to decide on small things. On the other hand, the article shows three counterpoints: sleep deprivation, choices overload, and negative impact on our environment. For example, personal computers are popular their allow us to work anytime. People feel they don’t have enough time to sleep which causes negative effects on daytime work. The author states," what is the cause of this paradox?" Basically, the article is saying that modern technology not only changes this social system, but also changes social values. People are feeling unsafe and increasing the incidence of depressive disorder. In our modern society, we are faced with more complex issues than centuries ago.
Another article," My Kids Are Obsessed With Technology, and It's All My Fault" by Steve Almond, the article is saying that the school will provide an iPad next year. Almond is the author and also is a father of two children. As a father, Almond is concerned for his daughter; she should go out and play, not just be sitting in front of a computer screen to receive points. Almond reflects on his life at young age only having TV. Almond has spent more than twenty years resisting technology without success. Almond still depends on computers for his writing, but says," the reason people turn to screens hasn't changed much over the years. Then remain mirrors that reflect a species in retreat from the burdens of modern consciousness." In other words, Almond is saying that he is not agreeing to use the screens to escape modern society’s burdens. We have to learn how to release these burdens and slow down our mind.
One common key point from these articles is that technology has advantages and disadvantages. The article "The Paradox of Progress" the author states, "Our technological progress, social problems, and personal difficulties seem more prevalent and more prominent than ever before." In making this comment, the author is saying, we enjoy technology benefits, but also realize the impacts and conflicts it has had on society at the same time, such as family, school, company, country, and religion. Another article, "My Kids Are Obsessed With Technology, and It's All My Fault" the author Almond states," but beneath this fretting is a more fundamental beef: the school system, without meaning to, is subverting my parenting in particular my fitful effort to regulate my children's exposure to screens." He feels that the school system is undermining his parenting rights and responsibilities with his children.
In my personal experiences I can relate to this concept. In my high school, video games were popular; my classmates and I were very competitive trying to master each game. I also enjoyed speaking with my friends about different video games. I spent a lot of time to conquer games and passing different levels until I won. I had not concentrated on my studies so my grades dropped quickly. I was still focused on video games. I remember once, I tried to win a new video game. It took me 3 days. I slept less, ate very few times, and forgot to go to school. My concentration was on the screen. I wanted to win the game. I felt anxious and angry. Like a gambler, it was not real cash on the table; instead it was 3 days of my life. I was sucked into the game. My mother was infuriated because the school called her to notify that I was absent. My mother took the games away from me so I had to go to school and couldn’t play video games for a long