Essay on An Introduction to HR Technology Case Scenario

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HR Technology Case Scenario: Introduction
Human Resource management teams work with the performance of activities such as bookkeeping, upholding policies and guidelines, employee performances, and ensuring labor laws are enforced. Human resource managers use information systems to help in their daily duties of payroll, training, and organizations of personnel files. Human Resource managers develop analyzes functions and determine the type of Human Resource Information system application is necessary to automate and create a strategic alliance for the Human resource department. The importance of determining the type of human resource information system application is to define which system can help make a business run more smoothly. A system is used to store, manipulate, analyze, acquire, retrieve and distribute important information. These systems will help Human resource managers by providing them with more data on strategic levels and allow for the function of more efficient and better information for decision making.


Castle’s Family Restaurant Business Plan: Stage I
HRM 340
Devry University

The Castle Family restaurant is located in Northern California. They currently have eight restaurants; only 40% of the employees are full time, with approximately 340 employees. In most traditional restaurants the food service managers are generally responsible for the daily operations of the restaurant. The managers are generally responsible for all administrative and human-resource functions of the business, including recruiting new employees and monitoring…