Essay on An Investigation Into The Effect Of Exercise On Both Resting Heart Rate And Recovery Time

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An investigation into the effect of exercise on both resting heart rate and recovery time.

The aim of this investigation is to determine whether or not there is a statistically significant difference between a group of individuals that do not regularly engage in exercise and a group of individuals that do.
1. The resting heart rate of each individual was was measured by counting the number of pulses during a 30 second period and then doubled to give the beats per minute.
2. The results were recorded for each of the groups; those that participate in regular exercise – Group B, and those that do not – Group A.
3. An identical exercise routine was undertaken by each group, this involved repeatedly standing and sitting at a steady pace.
4. On completion of the exercise, each individual began a timer and continued to monitor their heart rate at regular intervals until it returned to it’s resting BPM.
5. The recovery time for each participant was recorded and the results were then collated to form another set of results.
Resting heart rates (measured in BPM)
Group A – Less Exercise
Group B – More Exercise
80 74 88 58 76 68 68 71 72 62 76 68
80 74 60
78 58
82 61
55 70

Recovery times (measured and rounded to the nearest minute)…