An Optimistic Future Essay

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The nation today is suffering with government to an extent where both parties have shut down. There is a struggle to reach final decisions. So the conclusion is to shut down the government. Based on this, it’s questioned whether the government will ever restore back to its prosperity. The United States is a country is known to be a nation that prospers and moves toward a positive direction. Being the world’s greatest power, other countries look upon us for support and influence. The youth generation today continues to do a lot for the future to assure a successful economy for America, like participate in extracurricular activities, join clubs, and challenge themselves to greater extents. Many young students are seen participating in social events. Being a teenager myself, I find it important to help the economy prosper by taking place in such events. Some years ago, when the Sacramento River was polluted heavily, the students of Florin High took a step up and spent the entire day cleaning it. Not only was the river majorly affected, but as citizens, our morals grew; teaching students to be more concerned with their country and its beauty. Along with participating in a variety of activities, students join clubs; for example, the discussion club. This club is specifically designed to talk about the problems that the community is facing and what each individual can do to change that. Not only are there changes being made, but students are learning the importance of communicating with one another and how to reach towards a compromise. For example, a few years ago, while there was a discussion of who should be elected president; both sides had said their equally say, and reached a conclusion that they believed to be better for the future. This assures a