An Overview of Security Management Essay

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An Overview of Security Management
Within the concentration of Security Management or Security Administration (used synonymously), I will be looking at the bigger picture, or quite simply, a general overview of the physical security measures businesses and government put in place. I feel this topic suits my major, being that I will open my own Security Company after obtaining my Bachelors in Business Administration. I have previously taken many Criminal Justice courses and also an “Intro to Security Administration” from Oakton Community College. I am excited to be able to present a topic in which I am already extremely well versed and passionate about.
After thoroughly examining the concept of Security Management one of my main goals will be to expose the security management techniques of multiple different settings such as: Hospitals, Airports, Schools, and Mercantile Establishments. Furthermore I would like to define which type of Security Management each utilize. As a clarification, I will not be exploring how to manage a security company or a security force within a company, but only the physical security measures put in place or managed by each business or type of business.
An Initial search on revealed a wealth of articles to choose from which discuss or examine Security Management. The following are the first four sources I intend to use and cite.
1. "Attention, Shoppers: Teens, Get