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1. You in terms of communication, the most care about is what?
A, bill B, the signal C, the service facility D, the variety of services E, other

Suzhou Unicom services provided for VIP members you know what? (Check all that apply)
A one-to-one customer service manager exclusive service
B, 10018 unified VIP Line service
C, Xinghai Swimming gyms priority privilege D, railway station, airport VIP lounge area, the green channel Other distinguished service E, return on customer services held from time to time (such as prepaid return)

As a VIP member you most want the customer service manager to help you solve the communication problem is?
A business change (change package special service change information to modify emergency open / stop other)
B. Business process (up card international roaming and long-distance other) C, personalized service (calls new wealth management business recommended billing other)

Customer Service Manager as your communications assistant, to provide you with exclusive one-to-one service agent all business okay for you?
A, I'm willing to handle customer service manager discretionary commissioned by agreement;
B, just a customer service manager information phone informed me, I have to apply for point do;
C, I handled through the online business;
D, Other (please specify)

5 if the club is to set up some of the characteristics of sub-club, what you interested?
A Golf Club
B riders club
C, health club (sports, fitness, psychology lectures, health