Anabolic Steroid: What Makes It Harmful Essay

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Anabolic steroid is harmful because in men’s it extracts from a male sex hormone. Men’s who usually take the anabolic steroids lose facial hair and have breast enlargement it can also increase males sexual function. This steroid can affect the reducing of sperm count, can also lack of strength or power, the development of breasts, the shrinking of testicles, bolding, prostate cancer risk, and difficultness of urinating with pain. Therefore on the women’s side they see the actions of their body growing. The effects women’s see during the anabolic steroids are that their facial hair grows, deeper voice, baldness, enlargement of clitoris, reduction of breast, and their menstrual cycle change during the process of the steroid. If both men and women keep taking the anabolic steroids they will start seeing a change in life and will sooner see their life is put at risk. The effects that they will be seeing in life is gaining weight quickly, have clotting disorders, the damage of liver, increasement of acne, pre heart attacks and strokes, higher cholesterol levels, weakening of muscle tissues. It can also harm adolescents because if they take anabolic steroids their growth will be temporary for the kid to grow in size. If adolescents take more and more steroids every day it can affect the way of their growth. They may end up staying shorter than what they would’ve expected to be. Anabolic steroids can also affect the behavior of someone. they can go through depression to sadness to angry it’s like being bi-polar. Having so much feelings can also be dangerous. Anabolic steroids can lead into many symptoms. Those symptoms can change the body and self-esteem. Some symptoms that have been noticeable while being on steroids is the increasing of weight, oily skin, shaking, stretch mark. It can also be an addiction and it can be hard to stop using it if they use it a lot. The more they use it they will wants to crave it even more like if it was a drug. Anabolic steroids have good benefits towards athletes because have good benefits towards athletes because it increases the mass of the muscle, increases strength and the endurance, it helps you to train longer and with frequent unprecedented intensity, it also boots the performance of the sport, and has a lot of fastness in recuperation. This steroid is a good therapy for players whose testicles fail to produce through quantities of testosterone this is for men that need primary sex characteristics. This steroid also increases the ability for the body to use protein which allows the athlete to train with more power and force when training. The positive effects of steroids include an increasement of muscle mass, tissue repair, endurance and fat loss. People who are using steroids will find that their experience had increased really big and from the benefits of their workouts can gain inches really big on the biceps quickly. The effects of steroids have been increased arousal and sexual performance. Someone who is on steroids will see the increasement of their physical performance in all sports and athletic pursuits and will also show more physically stately of the being of the main beneficial effects of steroids and the reason that