Analalysis of the Population of Turkey Essay

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Analysis of the Population of Turkey
By: Andrew Hyden

This country has just undergone a change; the change is the change in the stages of demographic transition. As you can see in the population pyramid below, the greater population is with the younger group of citizens. However, the population is evened out showing proof that the change of stages is from the second demographic transition stage to the third. This also shows in the countries economic state, since the industrial revolution of Turkey, most cities have turned into a megalopolis, creating a more urbanized country. The birth rates are decreasing yet the death rates are staying the same showing that the population will stay constant. The cause of the declining birth rates (from 1995- 2005 the CBR dropped from 24 to 20, from 2005 to 2010< it had dropped to 18, projected to decline in the future as well, in 2015 the projected CBR is 17, and in 2025, it is 14) can (in most countries) be blamed on the use of contraceptives. In this case (although they are used) they are not used as widely as they are in the United States. What is to blame for the declining birth rates? The encouragement of homosexual marriage is actually to blame for the decline. In the public places of Turkey, the homosexual couples do not hide the fact that they are attracted to their own gender, in fact, the religion of the Turkish; also told in folklore; is somewhat focused on “longing for the loved one”. Meaning no matter what gender you “loved one” is, as long as you are actually in love with that one person, you are chastised by the community. Below, the population pyramid shows that the maximum age of the population is 100+. This shows that the death rate is low. The actual crude birth rate is 6, as of 2010 and keeping steady from the year 1995 in which the CDR was 7, also keeping steady from 2005 where the CDR was 6 as well. As for what the future holds, is that the CDR stays steady, in 2015 it is projected to be 6 as well but going up one in 2025 back to a 7 CDR. The reason for the low CDR is that Turkey has made advances in medical science proving that they are at or past the second stage of the DT. Although, I know that Turkey is past the second stage because the crude birth rate is decreasing, creating a population that is going to be more stable. The life expectancy rate of Turkey is, 72; this could be a high number because the advances in medical technology. If the technology wasn’t there, the number would be lower because if a person were to get sick, instead of using a vaccine or taking medicine, they would be put in a shack with several other ill people called the “sick house”. Because of these advances, we are actually now able to treat cancer, (not heal but treat) through chemo therapy. And fight off fatal viruses such as H1N1 (swine flu) using vaccines. These advances have saved lives giving the population the ability to become as old as 72 and in some cases, older, such as the portion of the population in the population pyramid above. The gross national income per capita of the country of Turkey is 14,580₤ (lira). This national income number is about average, but, showing that that country is doing better than most, economically wise that is. This income is higher because the jobs are more technology oriented and most jobs pay higher than what is our minim wage. The employee happiness is higher in turkey as well. The rate of natural increase is a 3 and declining according to past recordings. In 1995 the national