Essay on Analogies Animal Cell

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Just as the nucleus is the controls the functions of a cell,
Steve Jobs controlled the functions of his company, Apple.
Just as the nuclear envelope protects the nucleus,
Iron Man protects the United States.

Just as the nucleolus is used to create proteins, blueprints are used to create a house.

Just as chromatin packages DNA into a smaller volume to fit in the cell, space bags suck the air out of a bag to make the bag compact.

Just as the nuclear lamina regulates important cellular events, a father regulates his child’s events.

Just as the smooth ER is used for storing substances, such as steroids, Public Storage is used to store items.

Just as the nucleoplasm dissolves substances in a cell, water is known as the universal solvent, and dissolves solutes.

Just as the cilia assists in moving liquid around a cell, floaties assist in moving people around a pool.

Just as ribosomes translate messenger RNA to proteins,
Google Translate translates Chinese to English.

Just as the vacuole stores worn-out cell parts, a nursing home stores old, worn-out, people.

Just as the flagella moves the cell around, cars move people around.

Just as the nuclear pore regulate the transportation of molecules between the nucleus and the cytoplasm, gates regulate people’s entering and exiting in events.

Just as the intermediate filament reinforces cells, police officers reinforce laws to people.

Just as lysosomes break down food or other substances in the cell, a paper shredder shreds up, digests, paper.

Just as the microvilli aids in the migration of white blood cells, Ari Ben Canaan helped the Jews migrate from Europe to Israel during hard times.

Just as the microfilament helps in cellular movement, wheelchairs help in the movement of people.

Just as the rough ER pinches off a vesicle from…