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Part 1. Analyse consumer behaviour in specific markets

Task 1

Example 1: Fitness First (Internal Environmental influences – Learning Motivation / Attitude)
In January of 2014 Fitness First Australia launched a new brand - a transformation of fitness philosophy, customer service, and clubs, to deliver a better fitness experience for its members.
The new branding, introduced globally, Fitness First replaced the familiar blue logo with a new, vibrant red 'F' logo, symbolising, passion, energy and strength.
Fitness First's new philosophy to help members 'go further' is more than just a new logo, it's a 360-degree approach to change, across all aspects of the organisation, from the inside out.
Fitness First had lost its way - it had become a business focussed on price and location, rather than on its members and service, but all of that changed.
While the rest of the industry is busy building soulless boxes (gyms) full of equipment, Fitness First is creating fluid workout spaces designed for members to interact with other members and staff.
The company had a choice to continue doing what everyone else was doing, or The company could go back to what made Fitness First successful when its first launched over 20 years ago, which was motivating members to achieve their fitness aspirations and go further, not only in fitness but also in life.
Fitness First’s focus is motivate people, so Fitness First is making a significant investment in developing and training its team to ensure they can help its members to go further. The company is also working to link what its members do outside of the club, with what we offer inside the club, especially with the growth of mass participation sports events, such as triathlon.
Part of its new brand philosophy is all about helping its members and staff to go further - both in and out of the gym. That's why being involved in these important community and sporting events is crucial for the new Fitness First.
The members join a gym for a reason, a season or a lifetime. Fitness First want to be able to increase the flexibility of memberships. Fitness First know its have a reputation for locking people into contracts. They want to change that.
The launch “Pay As You Go”, removing the necessity for a contract and allowing members to pre-purchase a number of visits, providing them the flexibility to use their membership as and when it suits them.
As part of the new brand, Fitness First will also roll out a raft of new fitness initiatives and innovations, including:
New fitness innovations: new training programs built around the principles of Dynamic Movement Training (DMT), a faster, more effective training philosophy that works every part of the body through three dimensions
Custom Bio Age: a new scientifically designed fitness test that measures your biological versus actual age and acts as a motivation and behaviour change tool
Custom Fit: a unique fitness program for every member that scientifically assesses members' 'training personality' and goals in order to establish a personalised program from a range of over 350,000 programs
Fitness App & iPoint: new motivational technology enabling members to track progress daily, get feedback and connect socially as a fitness community
The launched of the new Fitness First brand and product offerings was a pivotal point in Fitness First's journey and the biggest change the company has undergone in its history of operation in Australia.

Example 2: NSW Health (External Environmental influences - Groups demographics / culture )
NSW Health has launched a major state-wide campaign reminding young people of the risks associated with taking illicit drugs at nightclubs and music festivals.
The advertisement "Don't let drugs use you" is a intervention campaign, aimed at young people aged 18 to 25 - warning of the harms and risks associated with club drugs.
The government's objective is these young adults know about the risks that they are taking, that