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Project Business Case

Contents 2
Executive summary 2
Introduction and Problem statement 4
Internal Analysis 5
Current target market 5
Positioning 5
Competitive advantage 6
Current marketing mix 7
Financial performance 9
External / market analysis on macro and meso level 10
Market analysis 11
Destep 11
Competitor Analysis 17
SWOT analysis 17
Confrontation matrix (Conclusion) 18
Segmentation, Target Market, Positioning 19
Short term Objectives 21
Long term Objectives 22
Profit &
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By 2012 Greencore was the largest sandwich manufacturer in the world, counting 12,000 employees and 26 production sites worldwide. The U.S. business remains fragile but the market is still a big opportunity for Greencore to expand. Staying in the UK could drive strong growth there for a couple of years, but that further growth would only be incremental.

In order to drive future growth, Greencore needs to leverage its skills and choose the right target in the US Market.

Internal Analysis

Current target market

c. Consumers are increasingly searching for high quality food, which covers a variety of eating occasions and are convenient to prepare.

Greencore’s customers are more than ever aware of the company as their own-brand supplier. In order to satisfy the customers managing product categories for them and taking the lead in recipe development will be of Greencore’s concern. Through partnerships with the customers as well as constant innovation, consumer insight and investment, Greencore’s category businesses will be able to respond to trends, trial new concepts, source the best ingredients and bring products to market in the shortest possible time.

The majority of the convenience foods are supplied to large-scale customers. But Greencore’s Direct to Store, pre-order radial van distribution business, can deliver smaller quantities to individual outlets.