Essay on Analyse The Importance Of The Role Of The Piraeus In Periclean Athens

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Analyse the importance of the role of the Piraeus in Periclean Athens. Refer to one specific person in your essay.
The Piraeus played a significant role in the time of Pericles rule of Athens. The Piraeus was a large bay split into three harbours, the first and largest bay, Kantharos was used for commercial and military uses, whilst the two smaller, zia and munichia were purely for military uses. The Piraues was located 7km .outh east from the town of Athens Pericles power … the Piraeus and the life of the Athenian people. The Piraues provided excellent access to the rest of Greece and beyond, allowing the economy to bloom, the military to thrive and opened the town to the influences of the rest of the world.
Athenian culture flourished under the leadership of Pericles (495-429 B.C.), a brilliant general, orator, patron of the arts and politician—”the first citizen” of democratic Athens, according to the historian Thucydides.
General (c. 495 BCE–429 BCE)
440s and 430s Pericles tapped the league’s treasury to fund vast cultural projects in Athens, most notably a series of structures on the city’s hilltop Acropolis: the temple of Athena Nike, the Erechtheum and the towering Parthenon. Built to the highest standards of aesthetics, engineering and mathematics, these white marble structures were decorated with intricate statues and friezes carved by the era’s greatest sculptors. democratize the fine arts by subsidizing theater admission for poorer citizens and enabled civic participation by offering pay for jury duty and other civil service inheriting money as a teen, establishing his prominence in the law courts, Pericles entered politics in 470 B.C. job payment opportunities
“architect of Athenian foreign policy” (History of Western Civilization E.L. Skip Knox, Boise State University) peace with Persia, in 449, a peace that lasted almost 40 years. That treaty in turn allowed Pericles to transfer the treasury of the Delian League to Athens, where it became a convenient and deep extension to the city treasury sudden influx of wealth paid for the beautiful Parthenon and other statues and buildings. It paid also for the fortification of the audio gif Piraeus, making the port of Athens vulnerable only by sea. And from the port to Athens itself he caused to be built theThe Long Walls, and the fortifications at Piraeus, essentially extended Athens down to the sea, where her magnificent navy ruled.
Set up democratic govts
Constructed dry docs
Built store houses
Rebuilt the emporion
Statues found that confirm his presence

Trade- communication
Boatsheds- prevent them becoming water-logged, damaged by weather extremes, encrusted with barnacles and eaten by shipworm
Tribute list
Enhance population
Mini city on the water to keep people happy
Prostitution and other .past times, eating etc.
Treaty and alliances port became a thriving settlement in its own right and was a vast complex of ship sheds, shipping offices, warehouses, banks, shipyards, and many other secondary businesses such as shops and brothels.
With the use of the great Piraeus becoming more prominent it made the bay and the surrounding towns in use of the Piraeus a target, allowing for more defences to be