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Linda Feldmann, in “Cruelty to pets – and people – as on battle.”, indicates that the violence towards animals is a link to violence against people. Social services, law enforcements, and animal rescue is coming together to find warnings in violence against animals. An abused pet is a sign of violence that is happening at home. Violence against pets is one of the form that leads to domestic violence. The Humane Society can't do anything about pets that are being abused. They cannot just go into the home and take the pets away. They must counsel with another agency in order to get the pet out of the home. It is just like a Foster-Care system, the system cannot just go in the home and take the child and put them with another family. They must go through a series of paperwork and process to get the child safely out of the home. The Humane Society is a shelter for pets. People sometimes see a shelter for pets as a way to build shelter for abused women and children. Thirty percent of animals that are being abuse indicates that there is violence among the family. When a child is the one abusing the animals, it is a sign that the child has emotional problems. If they continue to on with abusing animals, later in life they will start abusing humans. In Fairfield, Iowa, three 18-year-old boys killed every cat that was in a shelter. People in Fairfield, are arguing about whether or not they should go to jail for committing a massacre. The law needs to be more serious