Analysis Of Sikhism

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Some of the challenges faced by human in today’s society is that we don’t understand the other religions that is apart of this world. Humans faced the task of explaining their different religion or what are some of the rituals, traditions that they practised. Other thing that they are afraid of is publicly talking about their religion and what are some flaws that are in their religion. Publicly worshiping or praying to their respective gods of each religions is considerate a dangerous thing in some place of the world such as in Israel, Iran and other places. Sikhism is one of the few religions that are similar to Christianity such worshiping one God, not idolatry, but love god with all their heart. There are things that Sikh’s do to embrace their religion such as pray numerous times throughout the day, helping the poor and living a pure life. Some ideal state is that the Sikh prefers to worship in groups of their kind, or just as other Sikh, Hindu or some other religions that is attached to the Indian-Pakistan area. Others tend to socialize with their own kind and do not befriend anyone outside of their religion because it is against their beliefs. Some methods or means that is ideal to achieve is that you practice your religion in the privacy of your home or in the Gurdwara- where any one can enter, no matter their faith or even their skin color. Some people believe that in Christianity that Adam created the temptation of sin in human and that the Sikh follows the five K`s to keep themselves Holy in the site of their many different gods. To achieve these ideals many believe that in the Sikh religion that hell is a real place where the wicked is sent and that it is also a place of mixed matter unless one reaches the site of God where you finally receives salvation of been united with the creator.
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While doing this project, I realize that although I have friends that are Sikh and have watched