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Reflective Report
In the real world advertising agencies quite often have people from other industries such as producers from television companies come to them with briefs and work amongst each other to produce what the clients wants. Advertising agencies are usually given a budget to do this, the budget varies depending on how the client wants to spend. Usually it is spent on actors and actresses, sets, props and other various things.

In this particular module we were given the task to make a 30 second television commercial working in partnership with the film and television students. We had the opportunity to pick our own brief for the task and anything could go.

“A filmmaker generally does not have the leverage to make a Hollywood studio an NDA; however, he or she may be able to convince a smaller production company or a local advertising agency to sign one”.

(The Pocket Lawyer for Filmmakers: A Legal Toolkit for Independent Producers by Thomas A. Crowell)

After our group was finally picked, we began to research online and focussed our time on finding a really good brief to make our commercial for. We came across the ‘Roses Awards’ briefs online:

“Brief 1. Alternative Therapy (Roses Awards Briefs 2012)
Laughter is the best medicine. Package it, design posters, go viral - anything goes. Convince the public and make them smile.”

This was the brief we chose as a group, our next step was to brainstorm our ideas and pick out the best idea we had down. After discussing our ideas we decided to go with the ‘Yorkie parody’ idea, basically we had some inspiration to try and create something fresh, funny and unique, never seen before and try and re-establish Yorkie as a brand but keep their famous slogan. ‘Not for Girls.’

Our idea basically came from the Lynx/Axe advertising with Jeanene fox (2006) a successful worldwide advertisement about a young unshaven man, spraying himself with anticipation of being the object of desire for thousands of women.

Our idea for our commercial was going to be a spoof on the Lynx advert, as Yorkie is known for being
‘not for girls,’ we wanted a young good looking woman to think that lots of men were following her because of how she looked. Yet as she had just bought a Yorkie bar she was wrong. The extra twist made our idea fit well with the brief we had chosen making it very exciting and funny to watch as laughter was are main priority. – Lynx Jeanene Fox (2006)
Specsavers also made a spoof on the Lynx advert in 2010 called ‘The Specs Effect’, from this you can see what we were trying to achieve in our commercial. – The Spec Effect (2010)

A brief plot of our 30 second commercial for Yorkie:
A female goes to the local shops, going from shop to shop. She goes into a local sweetshop and purchases a Yorkie bar and as we know they are not for girls! After purchasing the bar she leaves the shop and starts noticing men following her around. She believes this is because of her looks and how attractive she is; she starts to become a bit cockier noticing more and more men following her and begins to tease the men by playing with her hair and walking more with her backside. However the real reason she is being followed is because she has a Yorkie bar in her bag and it is clear it is not for girls. They want it back! The males begin to surround the woman and she still thinks it’s because of how attractive she is. The ‘alpha male’ runs through the crowd and viscously slaps the bar out of hand and telling her off. The woman is left stunned, can’t believe what just happened. The Saga continues to fight against woman knowing there rights with the Yorkie bar.

After we planned what we were going to do for the advert, we decided to give each member of the group a role, whether it was making the storyboard for the project or being part