Analysis: American Civil War and Movie Essay

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Movie’s and Violence The “Gone with the Wind” movie was made in 1939 as a forensic evaluation of the largest ever American Civil War, capturing the start of the war in 1861 and ending 1865.1 “The American Civil War only having a handful, prior and after, smaller civil wars or general interstate resolutions; that gave similar or no anguish to the American hearts within 1861 to 1865 and their 34 to 36 states of USA such as possibly: (1-The Toledo War 1830 [Michigan v. Ohio], 2-The Walton War 1787 [North Carolina v. Georgia], 3-The Red River Bridge War 1920 [Texas v. Oklahoma], 4-The Utah War 1850 [The United States v. Utah] and 5-The Honey War 1800 [Iowa v. Missouri] [...85...449...].”4 The movie’s primary romance theme was narrated with the American civil war as nostalgia, producing secondary strong jarring interactions within the plot for the audience. The movie substantiated grand and noble romance flirting with love affairs; where the ladies are strictly beautiful shining stars (twenty four seven 24/7 from birth till death). The movie with its romance produced lots of serious genuine male competition for these beautiful ladies to be their bride.1 “The American civil war made up of seven states (including this movies home state Georgia) expanding to eleven states in the south (all called the Confederates were: South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas plus Arkansas, Tennessee, North Carolina and Virginia) for representing slavery, led by their pretend president (Jefferson Davis). The Confederates refuting, rebutting and counter arguing the other 23 states of the north (all called the Union were; California, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont and Wisconsin) for representing liberty, led by the legitimate and first president ever in their American history (Abraham Lincoln) [...118...449...].”6 The romance in the movie was always fluctuating till the very end with the; leading role of the most beautiful lady being Scarlett O'Hara played by Vivien Leigh and the leading roles of the two most beautiful gentlemen being Rhett Butler played by Clark Gable and Ashley Wilkes played by Leslie Howard.1 “The American civil war also had many nick names; (War to Preserve the Union by the Northerners), (War of the Southern Rebellion), (War Between the States or War of Northern Aggression) also the “War to Make Men Free”, “the Late Unpleasantness”, “Mr. Lincoln’s War” and “Mr. Davis’s War”. The Troop Strength and Casualties between April 1861 and April 1865, an estimated 1.5 million troops joined the war on the side of the Union and approximately 1.2 million went into Confederate service. An estimated total of 600,000 were killed in action or died of disease. More than twice that number was wounded in-conjunction with an untold number of civilians who perished, primarily from disease as entire towns became hospitals [...119...449...].”6 Scarlett O’Hara lives in Tara at her family's cotton plantation in Georgia with her parents and two sisters. Scarlett learns that Ashley Wilkes whom she secretly loves, is to be married to his cousin Melanie Hamilton with the engagement to be announced the next day at a barbecue at Ashley's home, the nearby plantation Twelve Oaks. The barbecue is disrupted by the declaration of war and the men rush to enlist, as Scarlett watches Ashley kiss Melanie goodbye from the upstairs window. Melanie's shy younger brother Charles approaches Scarlett and asks for her hand in marriage before he goes. Though she does not love him, Scarlett consents, and they are married before he leaves to fight. Scarlett is quickly widowed when Charles dies from a bout of pneumonia and measles while serving in the Confederate Army.1 “The American Civil War ending with President Lincoln assassinated on the night of April 14;