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ATTENTION: this is a book called morality lane that would love you to comment on..its is absolutley amazing and cannot be copied ...this is a book that my sister has worked hard to put together so i would realy appreciate your ratings and comments...
Chapter 9
Back to the Future
hey people, I’m Mario but everyone like to call me ‘the funny guy’ anyways, I came to this place about a few days ago well almost a week and half and I hated the quietness, so I pulled up a few ideas outta my head and got everyone involved, but every time I do something and everyone seems to be having fun, everything always goes dark again it’s like they’re living some vampire game or something.

Anyways yesterday I saw that Ruby girl come back in tears, Zach following her and that Kylie girl trying to get something out of them. I heard what they were screaming about though. Some guy named Mickey who I still haven’t seen yet took out this other guy called Leo, but it wasn’t like your ordinary street fight and I know cuz I’m a master at those, I’m the king of all street fights. Anyways, turns out that Mickey actually killed Leo on the spot, and they happen to be brothers, now I know Leo cuz I once saw him with Kylie. This whole story fight thing must be about Kylie, now I don’t mean to intrude on their little fight thing but I think this is totally sick, man who would kill his own brother for god sake.

I’m starting to hate this place and I don’t wanna tell anyone about it, especially Cameron, he seems to be the boss around here, don’t get why though he’s a good for nothing sore loser, I heard he went out with that Ruby girl just to piss the shit out of his brother Zach, jeez what is wrong with these brother stories, thank god I don’t have one and come to think of it, this is the first time I actually thank god for something, well this can be the start.

My dad once told me that a great leader is the one that can learn to lead himself before he can lead others, but I think Cameron is the opposite and come to think of it, that Ruby girl would make a great leader, she seems to be the role model for everyone not just the girls around here, yeah she has her ups and downs but those are just moments that pass. I haven’t lived here for long to understand everything but I’ve lived here long enough to realise who I should listen to and who I shouldn’t even take notice of, wow my dad would be proud if he heard me say that.

I; like everybody else around here likes to be my own leader, no harm in guidance, but I don’t like being told what to do or bossed around either. Back when I was little, my dad used to teach me how to shoot ducks and all that other stuff, he used to take me fishing and from it he taught me how to be patient and some other self-discipline stuff, he said that skills weren’t the only important things to know, you can always learn new stuff and learn new skills and tricks but you can only do that if you put your mind to it and have the patients to learn. Guess my dad was right, Cameron doesn’t seem to have all that stuff; in