Analysis: Censorship and Crystal Garrett Mrs. Marable Essay

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Crystal Garrett
English III

Freedom of Expression
Does the restricting of student publications’ content violate the right of free expression? No. In fact, high schools should have the right to control the content of their students’ publications. Despite of the fact, some may argue that such control violates students’ right to free expression. Depending on the setting, rules should be applied to certain situations. Due to safety concerns and relevance of education, high schools should have the right to restrict the content of publications formed by students. To begin with, dealing with the nature of free speech within schools has been thought about since the U.S decided to acknowledge students rights. In the article, it states,” students do not “shed their constitutional rights . . . at the schoolhouse gate”.” The statement from the article is reasonable because such places are only meant for certain functions to happen. School is a place to learn and be taught, not to justify rights as a human being. On the other hand, it is iniquitous to try and stop someone’s free expression simply because one dislikes it. Furthermore, High schools should only be able to control the content of school sponsored events and not the students’ constitutional freedoms. Students make freedom harder on themselves to gain when they prove themselves unworthy of it. According to the article, The U.S. Supreme Court made the right decision once they ruled that school administrators could censor a school-sponsored newspaper. A school-sponsored newspaper should be related to what is going on within educational standards. Conversely, some might find the censoring of school-sponsored publications uninteresting and unfair because it violates students right to free expression. The content of school publications should be highly relevant to education and the censoring of students’ publications is the only way to