Analysis: Creations And Its Lessons

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Creations and its Lessons
Mahathman M. da Silva
Colorado Technical University
Phase 5 Individual Project
Professor Renee Gurley

Abstract How the determination of individuals have posed changes in others lives from the prospect of being more proactive in life in order to deal with life’s struggles and prevailing over obstacles during a time where one had to be creative, have the determination, and knowledge of historical facts in order to survive in a modern life, can be seen in the following essay, “Creations and its Lessons.” The story of an individual’s actions has changed the others futures as well.

Creations and its Lessons

For thousands of years mankind has been performing actions and has processed those actions in order to bring something into existence. Not just to help one person but also a group. This action or process is called creation. In my family we had to be creative in order to survive during hard times such as low financial security; which, in turn, did not allow us to buy necessities such as clothing and food. Consequently, to continue to exist, I was exposed to a lifestyle that required my family and I to also be creative. By learning how to build machines, sewing clothing, making aluminum dishes, and reading books on Fleming, Dumont, and Einstein I was able to learn the greatest lesson in life. Creation has brought the good and the bad of mankind, but there are those who have survived at times of difficulties due to creation. I am a real example of this action. Growing-up I saw my grandmother and uncle building some amazing machines that helped us to survive during the drought times in the 80’s. These actions have taught me to be creative too. During the 80’s, we were living in an urban area in the city of Goiania in Brazil in which all citizens had to conserve the amount of water usage due to the drought in the country. It was expected of my grandmother and uncle to provide for us; therefore, they built a wind-wheel that was used to harness the wind in order to use its power to pump water from a water-well to the house-use; from there the used water was pumped back to a tank to be used as irrigation water. It was nothing new since this form of recycling of water has been used since the time of Heron of Alexandria, during 10-70 AD (Heron of, Alexandria). That was the first lecture I was taught by my family on how to improvise in hard times. In addition to that creative moment, my grandmother came up with the desire to make clothing for her grandchildren. She and my uncle bought a very old Singer sewing machine that unfortunately, did not have an electrical motor to operate on, as it was a manual machine. My grandmother was always on the run; she could not do one thing at a time, and she had to be everywhere at once. Therefore, her and my uncle found a way to install an old GE blender motor to the sewing machine, so that she could cut time sewing clothing for us. Thus, this education from my family created an effect on me. Today, I love building and dream of creating objects that can make my day-by-day much easier than it is. Imagine seven adults and nine grandchildren living five minutes from each other. We used to hang out at grandma’s house all the time, which was the center hub for our family. I used to have all my meals there with grandma. At first, it wasn’t too hard for her because we were little kids. With time, we started to eat more and more which required more dishes to cook with. As I said before, my grandmother did not like to waste time; hence, she learned how to make aluminum dishes. In a matter of two weeks of her learning how to make aluminum dishes, she had all the kids go around the neighborhood and pick-up aluminum cans, aluminum foil, and even old aluminum dishes to melt down and make industrial size pots, pans, and Dutch Ovens so that she could make a big meal for us at one time, with less dishes to wash. She