Vark Questionnaire

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When it comes to my learning abilities and habits, the self-assessment questionnaire gave me a new perspective on my learning style. It opened up a new way of how I learn and interpret information that is given to me.

The VARK Questionnaire

The VARK questionnaire provided insight on my learning style. According to the VARK questionnaire my overall learning style was multimodal, meaning I have two or more strong learning preferences (Fleming, Neil, 2007). My two strong learning preferences were visual and hearing. With a strong art background, I find myself preferring visuals such as pictures, posters and slides. When complex information is presented to me, I am quick to draw and arrange it in graphs and webs. This way of arranging gives me the ability to see and interpret information in a simple but organized way. I also pay attention to the overall look and layout of how information is presented to me. My preference of visual learning contributes to my online learning in the way that information is already presented to me in written form, which then gives me the ability to arrange and graph information in my own way. My other strong learning preference was hearing. As much I find the flexibility and self-teaching aspect of online learning, it lacks the ability to hear tone and emotion, which can make for a great discussion when hearing information. What I find appealing about my multimodal learning style, is that it benefits me in adjusting to alternate learning styles in multiple environments.

Online Student Readiness Quiz

This assessment provided insight on my ability as an online learner and skills when it comes to technology. When it comes to computers I am very proficient and knowledgeable. I feel as though it is a must to learn and understand computers as most things are becoming digital and online. I am a very independent person and love the aspect of control. Online courses give me the opportunity to self –teach myself, while still learning and absorbing information given to me from students and the professor. It made me realize how important it is to be disciplined, motivated and to manage my time. These traits formed and improved me into a strong online learner.

Urgency Analysis

According to my urgency analysis my life consist of vision, perspective, balance, discipline, control and achievement (Covey, Franklin, 2008). This assessment accurately confirmed the main values and traits in my life. With school, work and outside hobbies such as traveling, balance is an essential that prevents me from burning out. I need the discipline that school and work give me, but must have my own personal escapes that traveling provide me.

My importance on having control of my life comes from my past of letting people dictate my destiny and choices. This only led me to live a life of following other people’s expectations and goals instead of my own. After soon realizing this I took ahold of my life and created my own direction that was not under someone else’s control.

Locus of Control Assessment

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