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A discussion of social factors affecting the growth of e-business

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If you are so busy that you can’t go outside for a shopping or you want to compare the prices, now you have a new choice. That is e-business (electronic business). “E-business, derived from such terms as ‘e-mail’ and ‘e-commerce’ is the conduct of business on the internet, not only buying and selling but also servicing customers and collaborating with business partners.”(2005) With the development of technology and society, e-business has being used in a fast increasing way. Not only the young people but also the elders all know how to buy the products they want in the internet. So the growth of e-business is a trend that can’t be stopped. So today my topic is to discuss the social factors which affect the growth of e-business. I will focus on three main reasons in the whole essay.

There are many factors which result in the growth of e-business, and what I want to show is the primary causes. In my opinion, the major reasons can be divided in three parts.
The first is the too fast pace of life. For the technological advancements, the pace of life is increasing fast. In modern life, people are working for a longer time than ever. A research shows that “according to the OECD, Britons actually work fewer hours than average, based on their analysis of 34 member countries. But 12% of Britons (18% of men and 6% of women) work "very long hours" compared with the OECD average of 9%.”(Reeta,2013) Besides the longer working time, the pace of life is made faster by the electronic media which has changed everything in just over a decade. Even though a standard working week is 40 hours, many of the staffs do free overtime, and are often required to be available over the weekend. As a result, people are living in a very busy live, even do not have their own spare time, or the rest time is against the opening time of the high street shops. Therefore, e-business may be their main way to shop in both working and spare time.
After that, the rate of using electronic communication devices is getting higher and higher. It is another reason cause the growth of e-business. We often say that people can not live without the telephone. It may be not exactly correct, but it also shows the importance of the electronic devices for us. With the development of the technology, the use of electronic devices such as computers or mobile phones are increasingly common. Walking on the road, each person uses their own telephones even they are crossing the road. So it is possible for people to do e-business. Because of the unlimited cause, people can do the e-business whenever even the dark night, wherever even the countryside, and whatever even the things are hard to find in the supermarkets and shopping mall. All these we can handle it just by a touch or click on the telephone or the computer.
The last but not least is the latest information or products. In our common sense, the latest information is usually in the internet. For example, even in the process of deciding the concert, we can find relative information in the internet. So a lot of people same as me, often update the websites to search the information or products. Last time I used the e-business because there was a very popular concert. A lot of fans went to the ticket office and waited outside the day before the starting day. At that time I also wanted a ticket, but I did not want to wait for a such long time, so I booked online. In this case, we can find that e-business exactly is much more convenient. However, it not the only benefit that e-business has. Equally important,