Analysis: Epistemology and Philosophical Health Check Essay

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Paper #3
The first time I took the Philosophical Health Check Analysis (PHC) I noticed in one of my belief pairs that I had agreed on “Individuals have sole rights over their own bodies” just like I had also agreed on “Voluntary euthanasia should remain illegal.” This time around I had to retake the PHC and compare my old results, from the belief pair I chose, to my new results and discuss whether or not my answer was the same. I realized that my answer wasn’t the same because that belief pair didn’t come out in the list of tensions the second time I took the analysis. This time instead of agreeing with voluntary euthanasia remaining illegal, I disagreed. Another thing that I noticed changed was my tension quotient. According to the Philosophical Health Check Analysis, I received a 60% the first time. Now that I took it for the second time, I scored a 53%. As I was re-taking it, I put a little more thought into the statements and answered more cautiously than the previous time. I feel that my score changed only slightly a little lower, but that just means I have less contradictions in my beliefs. So at least that’s a good thing.
I believe that my ideas and beliefs on that topic are clearer now and I have a better understanding of what it actually means. Before I began my philosophy class I had no idea of what being in consistency in depth really meant. Now that I have learned some terminology and have a certain belief on something, I feel that everything makes a lot…