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Analysis: School Education Children from low-income public schools may have a better chance of succeeding if they could attend schools located in more prosperous areas. In Stephanie McCrummen’s and Michael Birnbaum’s essay “Where you go to school matters” explores the theory of high-poverty versus low-poverty schools, lack of research and data, as well as the true definition of low income students. First, I believe that Stephanie McCrummen’s and Michael Birnbaum’s essay has a great amount of stereotyping that takes place within it. For instance, they talk about how poor schools often struggle because they tend to draw rotating staffs or less-experienced teachers and administrators. However, yes this might be true in certain occurrences; then again it is not one hundred percent accurate. In addition, the authors’ of the essay assumed that schools with lower levels of poverty have a higher range of benefits, more stable staff, fewer discipline problems and more support from volunteers. The previous statement made by the writers is a very stereotypical certainty of low poverty schools. In brief, I think that the writers of the essay made some much unexplained statements throughout the essay. Besides, they had no real facts to back up their view points. Second, the author’s lack of research gives uncertainty to me in this essay. Therefore, where the authors’ are lacking in research they are also lacking in credibility. With this in mind, readers including myself who do not feel as if they were given enough research facts in the authors work, find it very difficult to determine if they agree or disagree with the authors’ point of view. I wanted to be able to fully have confidence in all the statement that was given by the authors’, but it was very difficult to do so without the research to back it up. In particular, when they spoke of, “Children in lower-poverty schools performed 8 percentage points higher on standardized math tests then their peers attending the higher-poverty schools” led me to the question, where are they getting this information from? Overall, I think that with more researched information put into essay to direct certain statements would have made the authors’ statements more substantial. Finally, while reading the authors’ entire essay I did not one time see the word low-income defined. In fact, the essay is written on the basis