Analysis: Home Directory and Ericsson Corporate Security Essay

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Cost Center Monthly Report
3. Analysis of Details in the Consolidated excel file
4. Identify top spenders
5. Employee Contact, with different issues.
Apps Installed
Home Storage
Apps Autodesk
Duplicate MWP’s

6. Confirmation

7. Build report – with changes


The purpose of this work instruction is to overall reduce IS/IT costs for Ericsson. By going over all the ISIT Spend monthly summaries and removing unnecessary costs in a large scale we drive down spending.


Download and print the Cost Center Monthly Report

The monthly report contains data about the various IS/IT expenses incurred by Ericsson categorized as the following:
Apps Installed
Home Storage
Apps Autodesk
Duplicate MWP’s

All of the above has an impact on the overall cost structure, some more than the other.

3. Analysis of the Monthly Report.

Of the various categories listed above, identify the categories which would lead to a maximum cost savings. This can be identified by looking at the data closely and identifying the total $ for each category.
Create a priority list, based on the same.

For example, looking at the summary data for different categories in the consolidated monthly report,

For the Monitors: the total amount for the 3 months is 59,245.

Sum of Price

Consolidated Group
Grand Total

Grand Total 33,745 144 25,356 59,245

Summary Installed Apps :
Grand Total 61,371 1,021 63,440 125,833

Summary Home storage :
Grand Total 9,361 - 8,432 17,793

Summary App Autodesk :
Grand Total 12,951 29,519 42,470
Summary Duplicate MWP’s

Grand Total 208,642 189,827 733,283 1,131,752

In this example, it is clear that MWP’s are our biggest concern, It would be listed as Priority 1, complete the list in the order suggested, from the highest spend to the lowest.

4. Identify top spenders /Employee contact

Once the area is identified, drill down deeper and compile a list of employees with different concerns identified in the report.
You can cross check the assets in their name, using the UAW database.

In UAW Registration Lookup you can find the most recent information about registered computers and monitors.
Computer and monitor information
Real time tool
Normal access (all users): Possible to search on your own Signum and Serial number.
Full access (request): Possible to search on any Signum and Serial number.
For Full access; e-mail and request access. The e-mail must contain the following information:
Information why you need Full access (need to have, not nice to have).
Manager approval.

The details can be verified in IMATA:

This is the user guide for iMATA (

This lists the complete step by step approach to get valuable data from IMATA. Once the issues for users have been identified and confirmed :

5. Employee Contact, with different issues

Construct a general e-mail with an explanation to those who you will be contacting in the near future. Getting the approval from your VP will get the message across. I also sent this out to all managers in my department so they were aware as well.

In an email list the items you have concerns over.
Ask for a business justification for such features. Remind them that you will be taking action about the said features by a certain date. Advise as you see fit.

OPTIONAL: Attach excel file with highlighted concerns for employee to see. Or include the information in the email.

Email Content:

Steps for resolution:

Issue 1: More than one MWP.
1.Return an unused computer to HP:
Please have the person in possession of…