Essay about Analysis: Houston and Screw Tape

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The song I wrote for our project is titled Leaning on the low and influenced heavily by Dj screw of Houston Texas. Screw was born July 20 1971 in Bastrop Texas. Dj screw got his name from defacing records that he did not like as a child and ever since has been given the name dj screw. Dj screw created many opportunities for fellow rappers in Houston Texas in helping them produce tracks on tapes. Soon he became popular and everyone wanted his or her own screw tape too. His popularity would soon get him his own Record label and entourage screwed up Records/Click.
I enjoy screw tapes myself and thought I too could write a screw song. I chose to write about the culture and life that goes along with the Houston style of rap. In my song I give praise to many screwed up click rappers and use references to the drug and crime world in Houston. For example a popular drink called lean made by combining prescription Promethazine VC with Codeine and a soda of your choice together. This drink is known to slow ones body and mind down to slow motion.
Dj screw discovered that he could slow down rap songs to make them slow to match the feeling of music while your leaning. This music is called chopped and screwed from Dj screw himself. Also I talk about the struggles and crime life of an African American trying to make it through poverty. Many of the original members of SUC have passed due to violence or overdose, but the movement of screw is growing more and more popular and his legacy lives on.
Other Rappers influenced this style of…