Essay on Analysis: Illegal Drug Trade and Marijuana Info

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Increasing False Information on Marijuana

Presented to:

Ann Buskirk
Frostburg State University

Prepared by
Naode Meshesha
Frostburg State University

November 11, 2014


DATE: November 11, 2014

TO: Ann Buskirk

FROM: Naode Meshesha

SUBJECT: Increasing False Information of Marijuana

Here is the report you asked about the increase of false acquisitions about marijuana and recommendations on how we can prevent further false information to go out again and provide the right information about its benefits. The study includes primary research focused on a survey of students of the Frostburg State campus community.

Though the results I received, allot people look at marijuana as a bad drug from the usual information they received; also not allot of people knew that the plant had medical benefits. Recommendations for increasing awareness include forums & newsletters about the actual benefits of marijuana in a better approach.

If you have any questions or would like to help out in the cause, feel free to contact me on my email at or call me at 202-112-4311.


Purposes of the Repost

The purpose of this report is to see (1) the awareness of marijuana and to see peoples views on the subject around the area and (2) find ways to increase awareness of the true information about marijuana and its benefits. A survey was made to learn about people and their education about the plant while seeing if they ever consumed or partake in the plant. A total of 17 individuals responded to the survey.

Marijuana Info

The responses I got from the surveys were pretty much the same, allot of people still think that marijuana is a dangerous drug and is as dangerous as other lethal drugs while not allot of the respondents didn't know marijuana had potential benefits, medically and economically. The results of the study shows that allot of people are bing misinformed about the plant and needs to increase in awareness of it.


Based on the results I obtained from the surveys, I made some recommendations in order for people to be more aware of marijuanas benefits than scaring them off with false acquisitions:

1. Have social forums about marijuana with local representatives and scientists who prep the plant for medical usage
2. Make a better approach for some of the dangers of marijuana
3. Increase awareness through ads and pamphlets.


People still look down upon marijuana as a very harmful drug. Even with the many benefits it has provided to the states for the past years, from medical to economics, it’s looked as a death sentence. The United Nations of Drugs & Crime has provided information about marijuana saying there is no drug that matches the threat of marijuana when there are actually worse drugs in the world while marijuana possesses the least amount of threat from the list of drugs.

Marijuana's are well-documented in modern scientific literature. The studies indicate that marijuana provides symptomatic relief for a number of medical conditions, including nausea and vomiting, stimulating appetite, and promoting weight gain. Marijuana is the most popular and easily accessible illegal drug in the United States today. Therefore, people