Analysis: Management and Quality Control Manager Essay

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November 07, 2011

The first ethical problem arise was when a contamination on the samples that were sent to the lab. The problem was sent to the quality control manager for further inspection and to give further instructions. The reason why this problem arise was because testing at the labs fell behind and the products were released. The situation is that the companies rules and standards fall far ahead from the FDA and the company has insinuated that products could continue to ship because the percentage of adults and the risk that they may get blamed is minimal. We've determined that risk of an adverse reaction in healthy adults is extremely low. Those with compromised immune systems may be at a slightly elevated risk, especially with continued use of the product, but the overall risk remains low. The biggest problem is how common GBS-F is in our products - the contamination here may indicate that the entire batch is tainted. The first step to correcting the problem would be to warn and what information to provide consumers about the contaminant. The less time wasted and the earlier we warn consumers about the products and its defects the more trust we can gain or save from the consumers who have purchased the contaminated products. This in general will produce and gain trust in the future and will lessen the risk of an outbreak and or lawsuits. Identifying the stakeholders who would be responsible for fixing the issue would be the office for managing litigation that arises from company behavior, quality control manager that makes and implements the decision, operations director who oversees the overall projects and Public relations director to address press releases, interviews, and the public’s image once word is released of the contamination. It was agreed that we as a company would analyze the dilemma using the tools related, The Rights/Responsibilities Lens helps you identify your obligations—your duties—as well as your rights in this situation. The idea is that as we think carefully about our choices we will know our rights and responsibilities, no matter what anyone else says. The first step is to identify your duties to the various stakeholders. This lens requires that we treat people the way they have agreed to be treated . . . either because of our stated agreements (contracts) or our implied agreements. We will take the initiative to refund or replace defective products, and also maximize product sales and minimize waste as also to warn customer of possible or known potential dangers. It a tough task to bring bad news to the CEO and as they say “if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen”. CEO’s who can’t give the Board of Directors bad news creates unnecessary liability. So by making hard decisions and the right ones early