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Analysis: ‘The Road Not Taken’ by Robert Frost

In the first slide of the power point, there are two paths, on the left side are an aeroplane and the earth, and on the right is a picture of two people holding hands. These are the two options in which he must choose one. The aeroplane and the earth represent the desire to travel overseas and experience a new lifestyle. The couple holding hands represent the desire to stay with your loved one and soon have a very happy future. The background of the woods with two paths sets the scene in which path he must choose. All pictures are clearly visible which means he knows what to expect along that chosen path.
The second slide is of a person standing all alone. This slide indicates his loneliness and that no one else can help him make the choice. He must make his own decision.
This next slide is of the left side path, which he tries to look down as far as he can to what lies ahead of this road. The three black and white images symbolises what could possibly happen in the future. The person could possibly meet ‘the one’ or could graduate at a very high level university which could mean an ever bigger future. The picture of the forest has been blurred as it is not certain that this will happen. The layout of this slide has the university at the top, which means that the university comes first, than the picture of a blank portrait could be found and then at the end of the path comes the possibility of graduation.
The fourth slide is of the other path, trying to see what is up ahead. The picture of the two rings signifies marriage. The picture is not in black and white because it is not far down the road; this is because you are already with your loved one and could get married very soon, although the picture is blurred which tells us that it is not for certain. The picture of the black and white family symbolises that it could happen in the future. Like the previous slide, the layout of this slide is with the marriage ring on top which represents marriage before a family.
The slide after that has the quote ‘Though as for that the passing there, had worn them really about the same,” means that in the end, both paths are very similar and will eventually end up on the same path. The picture of the guy holding two apples symbolises that both the paths are similar, or pretty much the same. The other three pictures are all possibilities of both of the paths future; marriage, starting a family, and the experience to travel around the world.
The next slide is of footprints and a family portrait. The left picture of footprints represents that people have travelled down this road before, and the result of this is a happy and lovely family. The Obama family portrait is a great example for this as they are a very happy family.
The seventh slide shows a ‘one way’ sign. This symbolises that there is no turning back to the other path. There is only one picture and the size represents that you strictly cannot turn back at any point along the path.

This next slide is of a figure sitting down and thinking of what could possibly be on the other side of that door. I have chosen this picture to represent the quote ‘I shall be telling this with a sigh, somewhere ages and ages hence:’ because the person is trying to think of what could have happened if he chose the other path? What would lie at the other end of the road? The speech bubble is black along with