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1) and offer almost the exact same services to help an individual find a job. One thing I like about is that it seems more visually friendly to me at least versus just has too much orange. However, despite being too orange, I find that site easier to navigate and make my job search more focused to what I want to do. Plus, I found it difficult to find or setup a job alert on So for ease of use I will choose to suit my needs over
2) I am interested in the CIA field of analysis because as a Data Scientist I will be able to use my technical, creative, and curiosity to work with Big Data to assist in shaping the vested interests the CIA and other government entities utilize. I am currently honing my technical skills to better apply them in the field of analysis. By doing this, it fosters my creativity to make connections with data that might not be obvious. Furthermore, allows my curiosity to peak and impart better ideas. Therefore, I think that as a Data Scientist at the CIA I can effectively utilize my natural abilities and skills to better serve my country.
Microsoft Soft Business Intelligence has ten major features Oracle has only seven
Mobile Support is stated as a feature for Microsoft Soft Business Intelligence
Oracle has more partners and 35 year history as a company for database software
Oracle offers real-time data
My choice for Saint Mary’s University for a business intelligence product and service will be Oracle Business Intelligence. While Microsoft Business Intelligence offered many comparable features and services that could benefit Saint Mary’s University, I feel that Oracle Business Intelligence will be a better fit for our staff’s and student’s needs. Here are some reasons why I chose Oracle.
Despite Microsoft’s Business Intelligence offering 10 features of capability, some of them seemed to be redundant. For example, the term Self-Service BI seems to imply that the end user will be able to use the features in the BI platform and tools, so why state that as an inclusive feature? Is not the purpose of BI for the end user to have data to analyze and present the data in a visual appropriate format for interpretation? Not sure if that is a good way to advertise BI. Oracle BI offered only seven features but without any noticeable redundancy.
While the term mobile support is not a stated feature in the Oracle BI product, reading further into the capabilities of Oracle’s BI product, mobile device support is substantiated. Microsoft just seemed to make a point to mention it as a feature to diversify its product selling point. Mobile support is a vital to Saint Mary’s university student and staff. Oracle can deliver this in the current BI product and tools offered.
One of my more solid reasons for choosing Oracle over Microsoft is that I could not find anything for a timeline history of longevity for Microsoft’s BI product. It seems to be very recent developed product from Microsoft. Oracle has had a 35 year track record with data analysis software and business tools across many different industries. Including but not limited to education, research and development, and government functions. For this reason I would choose Oracle to serve the needs of Saint Mary’s University.
Real-time data is a vital tool to have with in a BI model. Oracle offered real-time data as a key feature in its BI product. Microsoft did not directly offer real-time data although