Analysis: Nutrition and Vitality Compass Essay

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18 September 2012
Longevity Calculator After doing these calculators I kind of thought about my health, exercise, and what I eat to help my body last longer. When doing the calculator I was about the ages of ninety and ninety-five which a long life is. Also when doing it, it also told me about how having someone in your life would greater your chances of survival. Some of the data I gathered was eating fish will promote good heart and brain health. This will improve up to seventy plus days to your life. The omega three fatty acids help with that to. Something else is whole grain which will add up to eighty-five plus days to your life. Whole grains also pay a positive role in the prevention of developing Type 2 diabetes. Finally something else I got from the Vitality Compass was to get a goodnight sleep. This can help restorative to the brain and lessen the chances of diseases or lead to overeating, overweight, and obesity. Six to seven hours or less will cause you to create diseases so sleep is very important.
What I think about these calculators was that they were interesting on figuring out the age you might live to if you exercise and eat well. The one I like the most was the Vitality Compass because its more colorful and not as boring as the other one. After reading this is pretty much tells you to eat good and exercise and you will live a longer and better life. Something that can limit them is not being able to afford good food to eat healthy, which causes them